Classroom Technology Rules



In today's world, technology is everywhere. It is in our students homes, in their hands, and also in their classrooms. Using technology in classrooms is an incredible way to connect our students to the outside world, to create incredibly engaging activities, and it can even make our lives easier as teachers. It is important that technology is placed in a classroom only when proper training and rules are set in place. 

Classroom Technology Rules for Cell Phones:

Cell phones are everywhere, and if you are a middle or high school teacher, cell phones in the classroom is definitely something you are going to have to deal with in your classroom. Cell phones can be a blessing and a curse. They have the potentital to be an incredible educational tool, but they also can be a huge distraction (Lynch, 2017). There are several tips for managing cell phone use in the classroom. The article, "How to Manage Cell Phone Use in your Classroom" By Matthew Lynch lists 5 very easy to implement expectations that will help you manage cell phone use in your classroom all while making it a teaching benefit as well.

Step 1: Establish Expectations - At the very beginning of the year, you must be straight forward and explain to them what you expect in regards to cell phone use throughout the year. Create a list of "Cell Phone Rules" with your studnets and stick to them.

Step 2: Engage Your Students with the Technology - Incorporate different apps and activities in your daily lessons that include cell phone use. Using these apps keep sutdents engaged and interested.

Step 3: Take the Time to Walk Around the Classroom - The best way to manage cell phone use is to be up and about throughout the class period.

Step 4: Don't be Afraid to Take Them Away

Step 5: Give Your Students a Tech Break - Every once in a while, give your students time to check their phones or have down time. This will eliminate them wanting to check during class!

Classroom Technology Rules for Computers:

This would be a great video to show your students in regards to computer rules!

One way to hold students/parents accountable for technology use is to have them sign a "Computer Contract".
You can access a free version of this contract HERE.

Looking for a small set of rules to keep posted ON your computer to serve as a constant reminder of the classroom computer rules? Grab this free item on TPT HERE.

Classroom Technology Rules for I-Pads/Tablets:

Just like when incorporating computers or phones into your classroom, you will also need to create some rules and guidelines with incorporating iPads in your classroom. These rules can be similiar to the ones listed for computers/phones listed above. These rules will ensure the safety of your students and they will ensure that iPads remain in working condition. With a solid set of ground rules in place, iPads could be such an incredible addition to any classroom.

i-Pad Rules suggestions: (Adapted from Lee Watanbe-Crockett)
1) i-Pads should not leave the classroom.

2) No use during lunch/snack or whenever drinks are out.
3) No games/chatting/unauthorized apps.
4) Share with classmates so that everyone has an access to technology.
5) Follow teacher instructions.
6) Be responsible and make smart choices.

Check out this FREEBIE on TPT that includes a list of i-Pad rules that you can hang up and display in your own classroom. 


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